Founding a company is not a walk in the park but what is more difficult is to stand for something and take initiatives for its betterment. It’s easy to point out the problems but it takes courage to find solutions and make a difference in someone’s life.

Pjsoft ventures have always tried to put a positive impact on society and tried to utilize the profits for curing evil scenarios. Hunger had always been the talk of society, so it becomes important to take action in such an area. The team and CEO himself serve the underprivileged children by offering their families Ration which includes necessities such as Flour (Atta), Tea, Pulses (Dal), Soaps (Bathing as well as for Utensils), bottles and packets, Sugar. Additionally, Handwashes are also distributed to maintain sanitization as it is very important to stay away from diseases and viruses.

The company is also a blessing in disguise for people who have small startups and want to build up a bright future for them. Also, Small and medium-sized enterprises, Schools, Colleges are also supported.

Pjsoft Ventures also lend a helping hand to Underprivileged children with the Jahani Charitable Trust. Education is the foremost thing that has the ability to change lives, that is why the team has always kept it as a priority and keeps on distributing books to the children.

Apart from this, the team keeps on celebrating the birthdays of multiple kids to just see that big smile on their faces and experience the joy from within. Furthermore, gifts and toys are distributed to the kids as playing is a major part of children’s life.

The company in the past has always put their foot forward to improve the state of society and are willing and eager to continue that in the future.

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